Let the Torch You Carry Light the Way

What Do You Hold On Too?
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Diddy Bop - Official Music Video
Music Video
Story Behind the Lyrics: Diddy Bop
Story Behind
Crafting with Dontae 003
A Day in the Life

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My name is Tavior Dontae Mowry.

Tavior is hard to say for some so I just go by Dontae. My music can be found under this alias. As for my last name, Mowry, it brings many implications, assumptions, and opinions. You can choose what you wish but for me, I know who I am. That man is a man who’s focused on doing things right, doing things to a standard, a standard of excellence. We Own the Light is the ship in which this expedition sets sail.

This is my ship,

I pray you favor the Captain.